Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1.What does PurityWorks do?
    PurityWorks is a non-profit organization that seeks to educate parents in methods of training in purity of heart and sexual purity. We are not a teen abstinence program, although PurityWorks takes advantage of many opportunities to train individuals of all ages. PurityWorks makes resources available for such training, in the form of materials for all ages everywhere.

  2. 2.What is Planned Purity?
    Planned Purity is Jennie Bishop's model explaining how purity is formed in a life, beginning from the youngest years. This concept can be applied to parenting as a methodology or to an adult life as an assessment tool. The model teaches how to build a "household of purity" by teaching and modeling a lifestyle of purity of heart as a foundation. This can naturally lead to an understanding and pursuit of sexual purity.

  3. 3.Where can I learn more about Planned Purity?
    Planned Purity
    is taught through seminars, speaking engagements and through our resources.

  4. 4.I'd like to support PurityWorks financially on an ongoing basis. How can I do that?
    We are a non-profit organization that is run entirely through public support from those who share our passion to see purity training change families, individuals, and the world. Your generous financial support covers not only our administration costs, but allows us to approach new opportunities. We have big vision, and are only limited by the your generous partnership with us.

  5. 5.In what other ways can I help PurityWorks?
    If you live in Central Florida, you may volunteer for office help or for specific events in the area. Some of our volunteers even travel to be available for conferences or speaking engagements.

    You can serve as a team member for an event. No experience is needed - just a heart that loves others and a passion to share purity.

  6. 6.Can I teach Planned Purity?
    Absolutely. One of PurityWorks' goals is to make this method approachable for any committed facilitator. Resources are on the way to provide this training. Contact our offices for more information.

  7. 7.How can I get PurityWorks to come to my church, school, or organization, or host a Planned Purity event?
    If your church, a group of churches, or a local organization would like to bring the PurityWorks team in for an event, you may contact us through this web site or by calling our offices at (407) 792-8141.

  8. 8.How much does it cost to host a Planned Purity event?
    Costs for events vary according to needs, location, etc.; therefore, contact us and we will speak to you personally about the details of fees and arrangements for events and appearances.

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